CPD design guide

To support teachers and teacher educators in designing a CPD, we established a framework for effective CPD activities that support personalised learning with ICT. On this page you can find both the complete framework and interviews with the members of the project reflecting on the use of this framework in our own CPDs.

The framework

On the right-hand side of the page you can see an overview of the building blocks we refer to when designing CPDs. If you want to read the article yourself to learn more about these building blocks, you can click on the button below.


In this first interview, Peter and Sarah from London CLC explain how they got started with their CPDs. Both have a great deal of experience with ICT in education and within the operation of their own centre, but now they have also included a CPD on personalised learning in their programme. Curious to know more about their approach and experience? Start the video!

Michaël from PXL University of Apllied Sciences and Arts tells you more about the CPDs they have carried out. They have set up two CPDs with the same technology, called Vivista, but there was a strong difference in the design of the two CPDs. Watch the video to find out more about it!

In this video, Jeroen from Han University of Apllied Sciences talks about the CPD they carried out. The interesting topic of this CPD was Learning analytics and how teachers can use this. Do you want to know more about it? Then watch this video!

Joost and Maarten from IXperium, Centre of Expertise Learning with ICT, talk about their CPD on IXPERT on a distance. This is a remote professionalisation activity that they have carried out more than 20 times! Curious about more information and their experiences? Then take a look at this video!

Katarina from Norrköpings Kommun talks about the CPD on Legilexi. LegiLexi is a non-profit foundation based on the vision that all pupils in Sweden should acquire proper reading skills in Primary Education. It offers a formative assessment tool, a teacher course and a resource library. Interested to learn more about this CPD? Take a look at the video!


Per from Norrköpings Kommun explains their CPD on Binogi. Binogi is a holistic tool and features a multitude of short, animated videos/lessons in 13 theoretical subjects, so that key concepts and subject specific vocabulary can be explained in playful and simplified ways. Take a look at the video, if you want to discover more about this CPD!