The Empower2Learn project derives from an urgent need for strengthening the profiles of the teaching profession and support for educators in the area of personalised learning with ICT, through transnational and explorative (both scientific and practical) approaches. By personalised learning we mean “learning that empowers students to become active in their learning pathways and tailors their learning activities to meet their needs, abilities and interests.” The project partners from Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK are teacher trainer institutions, local authorities and universities that all have a broad network of primary schools teachers/educators and that bring not only their own area of expertise to the project but also the expertise of associated partners.

The objectives of the Empower2Learn project is to explore, develop, evaluate and disseminate methods for personalised learning with digital technologies that can boost the competencies of teachers and educators and empower all students in their learning. To achieve these objectives, four different intellectual outputs (IO’s) were identified.

IO1: Online Research Collection

IO2: Promising practices

IO3: Redesign of CPD activities

IO4: Empower2Learn toolkit