Tool guide

Are you looking for interesting tools? Than you are in the right spot!

In this windrose we conceptualise different categories, based on the types of existing tools we found and discovered during the project. The metaphor of the compass refers to our intention to support/inspire you to look for the tool you are looking for in your purpose and context! This also means that there is something for everyone, from the teacher who is just getting started with the topic all the way to the policy maker for schoolboards! Based on your profile and the type of tool you are looking for, you can click on the desired wind direction to explore the tools.

Do you want help to determine which category is relevant to your needs? Click here.

Do you have a tool of which you think it would be interesting to add? Let us know.

*Disclaimer: These tools were selected on the basis of their promising character, but are only a small selection from the multitude of existing tools. For the purpose of clarity, we do not want to claim that these are the best or only tools you should use, but rather a selection which can inspire you.