1. What is Blutick?

Blutick is an AI-powered mathematics teaching platform. As students enter their working on mathematical problems they get intelligent feedback as they go and practical help when they make mistakes. Cartoon style teachers give feedback in a supportive way and the platform is designed to supplement good classroom teaching to maximise mathematical confidence and progress. Explanatory video content (over 600 +) has been supplied by teachers from the Perse School, Cambridge UK, with content and new topics being added as the platform develops. The platform currently caters for the UK curriculum age 11-16 but also has good coverage of the curriculum for 9-11 year olds and some coverage from 7-9.

2. How can Blutick make learning more personalized?

Blutick tracks progress, giving summaries of what an individual is good at and what should be practised more, with suggestions for next topics. The platform has been designed to allow students to learn independently, for revision and solo practice. Teachers can view every line of a student’s working and see real time detailed progress summaries. Students can choose in what order to undertake tasks, listen to an explanation and see mathematics written out and drawn in the video. They can choose to practise further at the same level or move on when prompted.

3. What to consider when implementing Blutick?

The core of Blutick is free, which includes millions of interactive questions, several hundred short teacher explanatory videos, and the on screen AI virtual teachers giving guidance and encouragement to students every step of the way. Blutick Free is also suitable for students working independently.
Blutick Professional, the subscription service includes powerful additional features designed to reduce teacher administrative tasks and make learning more visible, from custom courses and automated marking to revision schedules and detailed line-by-line reporting. Blutick Live is a built in online tutoring app that enables audio/video calls, screen sharing and messaging with the teacher. The platform contains a free resources centre including curriculum maps and teaching guides.

4. Where can I get started with Blutick?

Teachers can find out more information or sign up for a trial account or full account at