Holistic education systems

These are systems on which a significant proportion of the teaching and learning process takes place, for all subjects.

*Disclaimer: These tools were selected on the basis of their promising character, but are only a small selection from the multitude of existing tools. For the purpose of clarity, we do not want to claim that these are the best or only tools you should use, but rather a selection which can inspire you.

Promising tools

The content of these tools were last updated on 21.09.2021.


Canvas is a web-based, flexible and open platform learning management system (LMS) used by learning institutions, educators, and students worldwide to access and manage online course learning materials and communicate development and learning achievements.


EdAider is a AI-based learning platform that is being developed by researchers and teachers at Stockholm University, Sweden to support adaptive learning and teaching through data and learning analytics. The platform is intended for use in primary and secondary school independently of subject.


Binogi is a Swedish educational tool emerging from an urgent need of supporting teaching in classrooms with many newly arrived migrants and/or students that speak very little or no Swedish at all. The tool features a multitude of short, animated videos/lessons in 13 theoretical subjects.


i-Learn is a project supported by the Flemish government (Belgium) that started in September 2019. In close cooperation with Flemish schools and teachers, the team is creating an online portal on which software providers can make their digital applications for personalized learning available.


The KED Program is a complete teaching and learning model that is unique to Kunskapsskolan but can be applied to different national curricula.


Snappet! is a complete teaching platform or approach for Primary education. Students do their exercises with tablets or computers. The adaptive software increases in difficulty, with certain exercises, according to the level of the student.