Count on me

1. What is Count on me?

Count on me is a game-based app from Swedish startup company Akribian targeted at students age 6-9 years old, for use in school and at home. It is available for Apple iOS 13.0 and above in English and Swedish, with an Android version due to be released late 2021. Children participate in a scenario in the form of an adventure game. They undertake tasks as part of the game in order to develop mathematical skills and knowledge. The exercises are adapted on an ongoing basis to the child’s performance and level of knowledge and the experience is designed to be fun and engaging.

2. How can Count on me make learning more personalized?

The game is designed for an individual child to play with a login, and the adaptation is for that child. It can be used in a home or school context with sections of the website specifically addressed to parents and to teachers.

3. What to consider when implementing Count on me?

The app has been developed based on research into adaptive mathematics learning by the company’s co-founder, where a study showed that 15 minutes per day use over 3-4 days per week during a semester (19 weeks) significantly improved the critical mathematical skills of those in the study compared to students who did not use the program.

The gap between academically low-performing students who used the program and higher-performing students who did not use the program also decreased. The research is cited on the Akribian website at The scenario for the game is in the fictional world of Numberia, where the game introduces a number of characters. The entertainment value is designed to motivate the child to continue to participate through enjoyment. At the moment a way for teachers to monitor children’s progress independently is being developed. The company will create logins for a school to use.

4. Where can I get started with Count on me?

More information is available on the Akribian Count on me website at