Nationalencyklopedin (NE)

1. What is Nationalencyklopedin (NE)?

Nationalencyklopedin (NE) has evolved from being a one-product company offering a printed encyclopedia to a company developing and distributing a large number of digital products and services, including their online encyclopedia. NE provides teachers and students digital teaching materials that are aligned with the Swedish curriculum in 17 subjects from preschool up to high school. The material is continuously being developed in close dialogue with teachers. Beside the core subjects as science, maths, Swedish and English there is support for practical-aesthetic subjects music and handicrafts.

2. How can NE make learning more personalized?

NE:s teaching aids are developed to offer teachers a high range of flexibility to personalize the teaching and learning. It depends on the teacher wanting to be in charge of what content is presented to the students. Therefore the course contents can be easily moved around or removed so that each course is tailored based on the teachers and students needs. The interface is simple and platform-independent, which means that the teaching works just as well on laptops as on your mobile or tablet. The teaching material can be accessible anytime and anywhere.

NE can be integrated in Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom which makes it easier for teachers to work seamlessly between the systems and share material from NE directly into their classroom. The integration also makes it easier to collaborate between colleagues if, for example, teachers want to share and reuse course layouts.NE also uses artificial intelligence in some of their teaching materials for mathematics. The AI system personalizes the learning trajectory of each student based on their past performance. As a way to better reach and support all students, NE equips their teaching materials with so-called easy-to-read versions through a functionality they call Reading Aid. Reading Aid is a product developed with the help of Microsoft’s Immersive Reader, which is primarily intended to help people with dyslexia, however all users of all ages benefit from Reading Aid.

3. What to consider when implementing NE?

One of the goals NE expressed with their digital teaching materials, is to provide a rich variety of content and to free time for teachers. However it depends on the interests of teachers wanting to move from linear tools where a course material is to be followed from A to Z to an open tool that has to be assembled and can be adapted.

4. Where can I get started with NE?

NE offers teachers training which ensures that teachers have the knowledge needed to start using digital teaching materials together with the students. Beside the introduction NE offers in-depth webinars, inspirational lectures on site and a built in chat function for support.
It is possible to try the tools free of charge during a 2 weeks period: