1. What is Polyglutt?

Polyglutt is a digital book solution for preschools and schools, used by more than half of Sweden’s preschools. Through Polyglutt children can access more than 2000 books in Swedish and 58 other languages including regular and special (TALK) sign language. Children with different mother tongues can listen to books in the app through a learning tablet, mobile or large screen. The titles have been carefully chosen based on their literary and artistic qualities, their relevance in relation to the national curriculum, their difficult levels and by requests from users. By offering a wide variety of different genres and topics the aim is to engage and arouse the desire to read in both children and adults.

2. How can Polyglutt make learning more personalized?

A strongly developed mother tongue has been pointed out as one of the most important prerequisites for learning progress in school. Research shows that children who are given the chance to develop their mother tongue also have better opportunities to learn Swedish. Preschools play a very important role in this endeavor. The preschool curriculum states that the preschool must pay great attention to stimulate each child’s language development. With the right support, the multilingual children can develop both their mother tongue and Swedish. Pologlutt supports this ambition in a playful way through the guidance of the characters Poly and Glutt. There are many ways to work with language development and Polyglutt: together with physical books, for play and learning, individually or in small groups and on a big screen. In Polyglutt you can activate “child mode”; the adult marks the books the children should choose from, e.g. the theme the preschool works with, all books in a certain language, connection to a season, etc.

3. What to consider when implementing Polyglutt?

The service is offered by the education company ILT Education which is constantly expanding to new markets and available in many countries in Europe and North America. The company focuses on students with reading and writing difficulties as well as newly arrived students. Suggestions for how to work with Polyglutt to stimulate children’s language skills are available through a rich guiding material that has been produced by the teacher/writer Agneta Edwards. The guide supports teachers to work consciously with preschool reading as a way of developing children’s knowledge.

4. Where can I get started with Polyglutt?

The service can be tried out by private persons and school for a limited time free of charge: https://www.inlasningstjanst.se/prova-gratis/