1. What is i-Learn?

i-Learn is in line with the E2L project, but there are a number of different emphases. i-Learn is a project supported by the Flemish government (Belgium) that started in September 2019. In close cooperation with Flemish schools and teachers, the team is creating an online portal on which software providers can make their digital applications for personalized learning available. This educational technology enables teachers to create a learning pathway tailored to each pupil.
Thanks to the portal, useful applications with a target group of primary and secondary education students are collected in one central place and accessed with a single login. To ensure that each teacher can use these digital tools as concretely and efficiently as possible in their own classroom practice, the project also provides the necessary coaching and guidance.

2. How can i-Learn make learning more personalized?

i-learn can obviously make learning more personalized, through their range of tools that they will present on their website. The strength of their offer lies mainly in different constructs, which they use to reach their goals of helping teachers to give each pupil the growth opportunities he or she deserves and enabling learning pathways tailored to each pupil:

  1. One gateway/portal that gives you access to a wide range of digital tools. Teachers can use the library of completed learning tracks, with each learning track containing a link to digital content. It is also possible to edit existing learning tracks, for example by adding external links. Next, these learning tracks can be assigned to groups, which you can create yourself according to for example the pace or level of the learners.
  2. Students receive a structured overview of the learning tracks assigned to them, but they also get an overview of the learning tracks they already completed and which ones are still active or in progress. In addition, they can work on these in class as well as at home, which again provides even more opportunities for personalization.
  3. To keep an overview of the progress of the students, there is also a central dashboard. This allows you to see at a glance which students need help.
  4. Finally and in addition to offering educational tools, they also provide support, such as specific coaching and training for teachers to ensure optimal use of the portal.

3. What to consider when implementing i-Learn?

Currently (10/06/2021) the platform is still under development, but you can already view a demo of the platform through this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzDLk2qJGC8&feature=youtu.be

This makes it a challenge at the moment to make statements about what will be present in concrete terms. We will have to wait until the actual launch of the portal.

4. Where can I get started with i-Learn?

Are you interested in using it yourself? you can already register as a school. Joining the platform is possible from the beginning of the school year 2021-2022. In Belgium this is from September onwards. You can register via this link: https://www.i-learn.vlaanderen/informatie/scholen/word-i-learn-school/