1. What is Bordfolio?

Bordfolio is an app and web platform that allows pupils to create a digital portfolio to record their learning. Items posted to Bordfolio may respond to specific assignments set by teachers within the platform, and can be organised by date, student, tag and/or learning line. The format of work posted may be a written note or document, a video or an image – perhaps a photograph of a piece of handwritten and/or drawn work, which may also include a voice recording or annotations. Similarly the teacher can set the assignment with video instructions or other supplementary material. Pupils may share a piece of work they are proud of with their group or school.

2. How can Bordfolio make learning more personalized?

There are several ways in which Bordfolio can support personalisation in the learning experiences of each pupil. Firstly, the ability to set tasks in a range of formats gives pupils the ability to revisit the explanations of the tasks they complete. This may mean rereading a text explanation or rewatching, pausing or rewinding a video. Pupils may even be able to choose which format to access if the teacher has provided more than one option.

Children can record their activities in a number of ways, and this personalisation can also be supported pedagogically by the teacher through variation in the activity itself. For example, children may be set a general taks, but may choose whether to complete the work on paper and photograph it, create a digital document, or even record their explanation verbally. Teachers are able to monitor the choices that children make, talk to them to find out why there are gaps in the activities that they choose and address reasons why.

During the Covid pandemic home learning period, Bordfolio made a number of changes to the functionality of the tool, such as enabling videos of teachers explaining to children how to do the assignments. Teachers used these explanation clips to connect with pupils to explain what was involved in an assignment. Another change made during this home learning period was to improve the comment functionality so that children are notified when they log in if there is a comment or feedback on their activities they can access.

3. What to consider when implementing Bordfolio?

Teachers who have used Bordfolio have reported that ownership is a key advantage of its digital portfolio approach. The portfolio can form the basis of discussions between children and teachers and children and parents and have found that the children are more open and talk to their parents and teachers about their learning more. Photographs in the portfolio can be used as prompts to help children explain their learning, for example what happened, why they liked an activity, what they want to learn next.

The developers at Bordfolio had a clear intention to make the entry level for using the technology very low and so little specific training was needed at a technological level. Teachers and children find it easy to use.

4. Where can I get started with Bordfolio?

The Bordfolio website includes information about pricing, how to sign up, and how to use the tool. It is also possible to try Bordfolio for free through a 60 day trial.