1. What is ClassDojo?

ClassDojo is an online reward system. ClassDojo consists of 3 parts: the child, the teacher and the parent. With this tool the teacher encourages positive behaviour by giving online points. You can reward students for, for example, good cooperation or a good listening attitude. But sharing and working independently can also be stimulated by giving students points. There is also the option to communicate with parents.

By default, there are a number of skills associated with each group. It is possible to change or remove these skills by clicking on them. You can get here by first clicking on a student. Skills can be added, click on “Edit Skills”. By default, no points of interest are linked to a group, but these can be created. Skills and points of attention can also be changed afterwards. Skills yield plus points, points for attention yield minus points.

With the (web) application ClassDojo you stimulate positive behaviour of students in a fun way. In this application you create a class as a teacher, students get their own avatar. Their own little monster that they can adjust themselves. In case of desired behaviour, this little monster gets a plus and a minus in case of negative behaviour.

2. How can ClassDojo make learning more personalized?

How do you get started?

  • Click on the group you want to use on the home screen.
  • Click on the student who earned a skill point (or a focus point).
  • To reward the whole class, click on “whole class”.
  • To reward multiple students, click “select multiple”, then click on the students who get a skill point and click “give feedback”.
  • Click “random” to give any student a skill point.
  • The “random” function can of course also be used to choose a random student, without any points being awarded.

3. What to consider when implementing ClassDojo?

ClassDojo offers the possibility for students to present their own “story”, parents can also be involved in this. This step cannot be skipped, but as long as the codes are not used, only the teacher will have access.

Discuss within the school what place ClassDojo has in education. If another parent communication platform is used, this platform is likely to be preferable to ClassDojo for these features, mainly due to privacy laws.

4. Where can I get started with ClassDojo?

To use ClassDojo, the teacher must create an account. Go to, click on register and fill in your details. When you are registered, you can log in with the specified e-mail address and password. Add a class by clicking the “Add class” icon. Choose an icon for the class, give the class a name and select a grade. Click “Create Class”. You can choose which points you want to share with parents.  Click the Add students button. Enter the name and click the plus sign. The students can also be entered by importing a Word or Excel file. Click on “copy and paste your student list”.

ClassDojo works on all devices!