EDUTEN Playground

1. What is EDUTEN Playground?

EDUTEN Playground is an A.I. supported digital learning platform that focuses on mathematics for students aged from 6 to 15 years old. As a teacher, you can create a lesson consisting out of a number of gamification exercises.  Students can practice their arithmetic and mathematical skills by playing these gamification exercises. This makes EDUTEN Playground a fun learning experience for students with more than 150 different types of exercises, where the A.I. makes it possible to develop personalised learning paths for each pupil.

2. How can EDUTEN Playground make learning more personalized?

The power for personalised learning lies in the combination of a fun learning experience for students, linked to learner analytics for the teacher. Students can choose for the levels easy, medium or difficult and can go through the exercises at their own pace. Depending on the level they choose, they receive adapted exercises.

As a teacher, you get an overview of all kinds of learner analytics. For example, you can see the achievements of a student with the symbols: bronze trophy, silver trophy, golden trophy and diamond. As a teacher, you can link a certain score to each symbol, so that you immediately gain insight into the level that the student has mastered, but also into the progress that a student makes. Moreover, as a teacher you also get an overview of the whole class, so you can see if a single student for example has difficulty with multiplication or if perhaps the whole class has difficulty with this. This allows you to quickly see if you need to offer individual support or if you need to tackle the problem again in class. These learner analytics therefore open the way to a more personalised approach.

3. What to consider when implementing EDUTEN Playground?

To get started with Eduten Playground, you need a device with an internet connection. Depending on the number of devices you have, there are various ways of using it in your classroom context. For example, you can give an individual or a number of students the opportunity to do exercises on Eduten Playground, but if you have a device for each student you can also implement this in a fully classroom setting. In addition, it is also possible to apply this in the form of blended learning, whereby pupils for example acquire the necessary content in class and then do the exercises at home, or vice versa. So there is always a variation of implementation possibilities, which you can adapt to your classroom context and the personal level of a student..

Please note that Eduten Playground is not a free learning platform. More information on their business model can be found in section 4, at the end of this document.

4. Where can I get started with EDUTEN Playground?

Go to this link and select whether you are a school leader, classroom teacher or parent. Depending on your choice, you will see a document that you have to fill in. The prices and services are then described in an agreement that is made based on the communication between the customer and Eduten. For this reason, you will not see any fixed prices on their website.

More information on their terms of service can be found here