1. What is Kaligo?

Kaligo is a cloud platform and app to teach fluency in handwriting. It is available for Apple iOS, Google Play and Chrome so that students use the app on a device either with or without a stylus. A school can manage the students’ activities and progress using the cloud based portal, which will sync with the individual student devices, whether they are used at home or in school, or in a blended or remote context. Kaligo works independently from a wifi connection which means students and teachers can continue working on or off line. All data is automatically synchronised when the wifi connection is restored. Within the platform the ‘Instant Remediation’ scores the student’s completed exercises based on shape, direction, order and line spacing. Depending on the teaching context this can be reviewed live within the classroom or afterwards through the online school/teacher portal.

2. How can Kaligo make learning more personalized?

Using the app within timetabled handwriting sessions, for example three short sessions in a week is one recommended approach. The design of the platform is aimed to allow students to progress at their own speed and according to their own ability. The AI machine learning provides real-time corrective feedback and stores data for future analysis. Teachers can access this data through the platform. They can assign 9 different handwriting exercises. These are aligned with curriculum frameworks.

3. What to consider when implementing Kaligo?

Features available within the platform include the tools for the teacher and school to maximise impact and benefit of the app and to fit usage within the school’s own approach to teaching handwriting, such as a particular scheme. Teachers can create and customise exercise sequences for individual students and learning groups and can save these lesson plans for future use.

The app is available in French or English language versions currently. There is a new app which is specifically aimed at students with dyspraxia or dysgraphia, with an SEN pilot underway with schools.

4. Where can I get started with Kaligo?

The Kaligo website offers further details and an opportunity for a free trial at https://www.kaligo-apps.com/trial/