Portfolio systems

Systems which monitor students’ learning (over a longer period of time), whereby the teacher has the opportunity to provide feedback or support at any time.

*Disclaimer: These tools were selected on the basis of their promising character, but are only a small selection from the multitude of existing tools. For the purpose of clarity, we do not want to claim that these are the best or only tools you should use, but rather a selection which can inspire you.

Promising tools

The content of these tools were last updated on 21.09.2021.


Classkick is a digital portfolio tool that allows teachers to create, edit and share assignments with students. Every assignment consists out of a sequence of slides, each containing one or more tasks.

Purple Mash

Purple Mash is a subscription-based well-established learning platform for primary schools that has been developed with teachers over many years by the British software company 2 Simple. Alongside innovative creative apps and tools, it contains a large range of ready-made and customisable educational content and activities as well as systems and tools to help teachers with assigning and managing student work.

Symbaloo is used by thousands of schools to organise all online resources and tools. Symbaloo now has a new product called Lesson Plans. With Symbaloo lesson plans, teachers and lecturers can develop their own digital lessons tailored to students.


Perusall is a collaborative e-book reader which allows lecturers to upload the readings for the students where they can annotate the text and images, but also respond to each other’s comments and questions.


Seesaw is an app and web platform that allows pupils to create a digital record or ‘journal’ of their learning. Items posted to Seesaw may be organised into folders, or may respond to specific tasks set by teachers within the platform, but they can also be posted into an open stream that is viewable by the rest of the class.

Eduten Playground

EDUTEN Playground is an A.I. supported digital learning platform that focuses on mathematics for students aged from 6 to 15 years old. As a teacher, you can create a lesson consisting out of a number of gamification exercises.

Learning by Questions

Learning by Questions (LbQ) is a learning platform for primary and secondary schools. Now covering many UK subject areas, it works on the basis of self-paced Question Sets, that offer immediate personalised feedback for pupils and real-time lesson analysis for teachers to support effective intervention during lessons.


Vivista is an open source 360° video software platform to view and enrich stitched 360° videos, which is being developed at the PXL University of Applied Sciences in Hasselt.


Formative is a web application that allows teachers to create, edit and share live assignments with students. For any formative (= assignment), you as a teacher can add as many different questions types and different type of contents as you want.


ClassDojo is an online reward system. ClassDojo consists of 3 parts: the child, the teacher and the parent. With this tool the teacher encourages positive behaviour by giving online points.


Kaligo is a cloud platform and app to teach fluency in handwriting. It is available for Apple iOS, Google Play and Chrome so that students use the app on a device either with or without a stylus.


Bordfolio is an app and web platform that allows pupils to create a digital portfolio to record their learning. Items posted to Bordfolio may respond to specific assignments set by teachers within the platform, and can be organised by date, student, tag and/or learning line.